Topaz and the Green Fairies

An Award Winning Chapter Book For Ages 6-12 And Up

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Topaz & The Green Fairies with my young niece. She has a cat and insisted on renaming him Topaz! From an adult perspective, the story is written in lovely prose which reminds me of the books I read when I was younger. There's a certain quality to the authors writing which is often missing these days along with a depth of imagination which is altogether quite wonderful. An absolutely charming book."
Review by Dianne (Goodreads March 15, 2016)

Topaz and the Green Fairies earns the 2016 Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval and the 2016 Silver Award for Chapter Book.

Bozel, a genuinely likable young fairy, sets out on his own in an attempt save his family and their community. Torrential rains are causing his village to slide into the river and their homes and land are being destroyed by mud slides. Young Bozel has been selected by the green fairies to find a safe-haven before they all perish.

Can such a young boy save his people? Does he have what it takes to overcome the obstacles and trials he must face? Youngsters will thrill at the adventure and excitement of this delightful fantasy for children. Along the way Bozel makes new friends who will help him on his journey. In their travels they meet Topaz, a magical cat with mystical powers. Together with his new friends they devise a plan to rescue Bozel’s community.

Author, Pat Frayne, introduces young readers to an eclectic group of animals, including the ever-so-unusual buckwetcher, and the enchanting ghostbird. With just enough suspense to keep children on the edge of their seats, this marvelous children’s book will enthrall young audiences.

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"For once in his young life he had a sense of self-reliance and what a responsibility that truly was. Whatever happened to him on this journey had the power to make him stronger. Or he could let it destroy him".
Such are the thoughts of young Bozel, a pivotal new character introduced in Topaz and the Green Fairies , the third installment in the Tales of Topaz the Conjure Cat series by Pat Frayne In this latest high adventure story we journey to an island in the midst of chaos. Severe storms are threatening to obliterate the home where the Green Fairies have lived for generations. It is up to young Bozel to find help to save his people before they perish.
Armed with little more than a blanket, a hand drawn map and a small bag of food, Bozel bravely sets out alone to do as he has been tasked. Along the way he encounters numerous obstacles and life challenging situations. Bozel must overcome not only his own personal fears and self-doubt, but very real dangers as well.
The story switches between Bozel’s trials, to that of our old friend Topaz and the inhabitants of Knownotten Kingdom who are experiencing struggles of their own. Otis has been injured and is trapped in a desolate land where he encounters a sinister, ghost-like creature. When Topaz, Otis, Dooley and Daisy’s paths finally collide with Bozel the race is on to formulate a plan to try and save the Green Fairies before all is lost. Topaz will be faced with the ultimate test of his strength, courage and commitment to others.
Pat Frayne has once again created captivating and memorable characters who not only show their flaws and weaknesses but also their grit and determination in the midst of adversity. This fun, fast paced fantasy, about a land inhabited by mystical beings will be sure to capture the reader with all its exciting twists and turns.

This book has superb writing, lovable characters, and a great plot. Pat Frayne displays the high art of storytelling as she weaves danger mystery and emotion into a fine book for young readers. Topaz and the Green Fairies has it all. Impressive. Highly recommended. -Garry Rogers, award-winning author of "Corr Syl The Warrior"

Meet the delightful characters of Topaz and the Green Fairies, as young fairy Bozel struggles to rescue his friends and family from the not-so-slowly eroding Cottersdamp Island. Amid torrential rainstorms, an unknown future full of fear and danger, he sets off in a tiny gourd boat to find help. Frayne builds a magical world of fairies, animals, and birds of Knownottten Kingdom who unite to overcome unforeseen challenges. Bozel, Topaz and the King Conjure Cat, Daisy the Fawn, and other characters will capture your heart as you sail on this journey with them. -Heidi Thomas, award-winning author of "Cowgirl Up! A History of Women's Rodeo"

Literary Classics Silver Award Winner

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